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        Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Limited won the 2021 Canton Fair Design Awards


        Since the outbreak of COVID-19, jeans wear has attracted the most interest from foreign businessmen due to its wide application. Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Limited (GuangzhouTextiles company), seized the opportunity to increase investment in the research and development of new jeans wear, combined with the innovation of fabric and weaving, launched a new environmentally friendly jeans wear, successfully passed the expert review of the Canton Fair, finally stood out and won the Silver Award of Canton Fair Design Awards in 2021.
        On October 16, 2021, the 130th Canton Fair Design Awards Ceremony and Bank of China cross-border matching meeting was held in Pazhou. Guangzhou Textile Company was invited to attend the award ceremony for its award-winning cowhide fiber environmental protection jeans.
        The Canton Fair Design Awards (CF Award), organized by the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), is a selection activity carried out by the judges of innovation, functionality, marketability, aestheticsensibility and environmental protection.The award-winning products are all export products with outstanding design value and market value, which is to display the charm of Created in China and Designed in China . As soon as the award ceremony was over,Guangzhou TextilesCompany received the attention of customers from Italy and other countries on the site,
        and immediately carried out trade docking on the site.
        Guangzhou TextilesCompany won the CF Award again, which is a reaffirmation of the comprehensive ability of the company in product development, design and production technology. Facing the future, the company will continue to work hard, firmly grasp the key to the sustainable development of the industry, twist the bull nose of high-quality development, driven by innovation, design more and better products,more excellent products and services to the global customers.
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