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        Guangzhou Chemical Attends China International Cleanser Ingredients Machinery & Packaging Expo


        From October 20 to 22, Guangzhou Chemical attended the 14th CIMP and the 41st China Cleaning Industry Annual Meeting held in Nanjing. As the industrial meeting of daily chemical and washing enterprises, the expo gathered famous enterprises at home and abroad. It has gradually become the wind vane of the daily chemical and washing industry.
        In order to strengthen exchanges with enterprises and promote cooperation among enterprises, the delegation of Guangzhou Chemical was invited to attend this expo and meet cooperative suppliers that attended the meeting. They conducted in-depth discussions about the future business cooperation and positively sought for cooperation points.
        This expo provided the platform of exchange and mutual for Guangzhou Chemical, professional suppliers and product manufacturers. During the process of visit, our company communicated with multiple parties, and thus had an all-round understanding of the industrial development and enterprises in the industry. Meanwhile, we strengthened connections with cooperative merchants through this expo, thus laying a good foundation for our company to expand the consumption market of daily chemical products at home and abroad.
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